Information about saferooms and the company.

What is Saferooms America ?

A True Network

Saferooms America is a network that aims to provide consumers with an easy way to find a qualified ICF contractor in their area, that can provide a custom, reliable saferoom at an affordable price. Saferooms America also strives to educate on the modern needs for a saferoom and or secureroom.

In today's world, there are many obstacles that we may take for granted until something happens close to home. An example of this is a fire at your place of business. Think of all the irreplacable documents, data or equipment that would be lost forever without a secureroom to house all these important items. Perhaps a tornado or hurricane in your area causes you to need a place to quickly hunker down in. An ICF saferoom is the perfect solution.

Who Needs a Saferoom ?

Saferooms have many purposes. From protection from natural disaster, to protection from intruders and criminals intent on stealing your valuables or doing you harm. Below you will find two FEMA maps that highlight the highest risk areas in the United States for tornadoes, hurricanes and high winds.

Source: FEMA Publication 320
Source: FEMA Publication 320

Insulating Concrete Forms

What is ICF Technology ?

Insulating Concrete Forms, known simply as ICF, are a modular building system that uses polystyrene forms with steel reinforced concrete to build durable exterior walls. ICFs have a proven track record of durability and can withstand up to category 5 hurricane force winds and debris impacts. Check out this video of a military blast test with ICF forms.

Anatomy of an ICF Block

Benefits of an ICF Saferoom

For Homeowners:
  • When storms are present, we procrastinate to the last minute, running to get children, valuables and then go out in the storm to go underground is time consuming and not smart.
  • In the home, sensitive documents and items can be stored in the room which in the event the home is destroyed, the time, stress and effort to get replacement documents is invaluable.
For Business Owners:
  • Many businesses lack a reinforced room for storage of valuable records, servers and camera recording equipment.
  • Can double as a panic room for employees in the event of robbery or disgruntled former employee.