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Locations Served

Saferooms America lists contractors all across North America. Whether you are on the west coast, east coast or even in Alaska, we've got you covered!

Rapid Build Time

All of our contractors utilize Insulating Concrete Forms for the building of saferooms. This modular and reliable system allows for a rapid build process.

Strength & Reliability

Our saferooms are built with ICF technology, which is a proven and reliable system that can withstand up to category 5 hurricane force winds.


The mission of Saferooms America is to help consumers find a quality, qualified, ICF saferoom contractor in their area. We also aim to educate on the need for a reliable, easily accessible saferoom as well as what ICF technology is and why you should use it for your saferoom.

Recent Projects

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Brownsville, TX - Ian Giesler

Full ICF and concrete building for hurricane and tornado protection.

Troy, TX - Ian Giesler

Integral saferoom built inside ICF home.

Moore, OK - Ian Giesler

Secure room built for a business, located inside of a metal building.